Project Description

CO2 Plant:

Carbon Dioxide Plants:
The process of purifying CO2 is obtained from burning of fuel, using MEA (Monoethanolamin) in a aqueous solution which has been known for quite some time. The plant uses a modernized process by which high purity and food quality CO2 can be obtained. The plant has the latest automatic control equipment and is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance. The CO2 containing combusion gases passes through a pre-cleaning stage and is brought into contact with an aqueous MEA solution which absorbs CO2. Afterwards, the CO2 gas is desorbed from this solution and compressed to the required pressure using special compressors. This is followed by cleaning, drying and final cleaning stages of CO2 gas which is then liquified and filled in a storage tank.

The following gives a brief description of individual steps involved in the plant. The System incorporates modular design. In standard sized plants, the combusion and desorption, the absorption and wash-columns the compressor station, the cleaning and drying station as well as refrigeration plant are separate unit.

Storage Tank system with CO2 evaporator and / or liquid CO2 pumps, cooling tower, etc. dry ice machine, etc. are additional optional equipment which could be offered at additional cost.