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Oxygen Plant


Oxygen Plant

Oxygen Plant: Dalal Mckenna Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of oxygen plants in India. The oxygen plants manufactured here are of the highest quality and very suitable to the industry standards. Besides being ultra safe and very economical, these oxygen plants are very efficient with expansion engine and low power consumption as its salient features. [...]

Oxygen Gas Plant

Oxygen gas Plant: If you are looking for the best oxygen gas plant from India then Dalal Mckenna Pvt.Ltd., is probably your best bet to get so. To cater to your oxygen gas plant needs in India, you must consider the best in the industry, that is, us. We have been manufacturing and providing one [...]

Liquid Oxygen Plant

Liquid Oxygen Plant: Liquid oxygen plant is very much a requirement these days. And not just any plant, there is a dire need for qualitative liquid oxygen plants today in the market. Our liquid oxygen plants are the best in meeting all the specifications and international guidelines to deliver the best performance as compared to [...]

Oxygen / Nitrogen Plant


Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant: Oxygen / Nitrogen Liquid Pump: The liquid pump is a horizontal reciprocating pump. It can pump cryogenic liquids such as Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon upto 165 Kgm/Cm2 pressure normally and 250 Kgm / Cm2 pressure in special cases. The pumps are simple and requires least maintenance. [...]