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Air Separation Plant

Air Separation Plant: Air separation plant utilise a very low temperature rectification method to produce nitogen, oxygen & argon gases. They can also be used to make other rare gases such as neon, krypton, helium & xenon via the cryogenic rectification of air. These plants can produce gaseous products for distribution of pipelines or cryogenic [...]

Cryogenic Plants

Cryogenic Plant: We at Dalal Mckenna Pvt. Ltd. try to satisfy our clients the most by offering the best cryogenic plants India for their all types of requirements. The cryogenic plants are robustly designed with advanced mechanics and sophisticated technology making it the best according to the international industry standard. These plants are also developed with [...]

CO2 Plant

CO2 Plant: Carbon Dioxide Plants: The process of purifying CO2 is obtained from burning of fuel, using MEA (Monoethanolamin) in a aqueous solution which has been known for quite some time. The plant uses a modernized process by which high purity and food quality CO2 can be obtained. The plant has the [...]

Nitrous Oxide Plant

Nitrous Oxide Plant Introduction: Safe and economical, the Nitrous Oxide plant from SANGHI OXYGEN is a plant with an efficient Generation system which reduces power consumption and adds on to safety. A storage battery assembly for separation of Nitrogen is another safety feature with the SANGHI OXY plant. The gas manufactured conforms to Indian [...]

Acetylene Plant

Acetylene Plant: Process Description Of Acetylene Generator: The Acetylene Generator is of an advanced design, incorporating several features not ordinarily found in other generators. The Acetylene generator is a fully automatic plant. Pneumatically controlled valves and highly sensitive sensors, integral with the temperature control instruments, perform all operations. These in turn open [...]