Dalal Mckenna Pvt.Ltd is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, Air Separation Plants, PSA Plants, Nitrous Oxide Plants and Carbon Di-oxide Plants.

Dalal Mckenna Pvt.Ltd is a privately owned company. The company started manufacturing of various industrial gas plants, Like Oxygen/Nitrogen gas and Liquid plant, Acetylene gas plant, Nitrous Oxide plant and PSA plant.Since last 20 Years. Dalal Mckenna Pvt.Ltd present range of manufacturing Oxygen/Nitrogen gas plant from 75 m3/hr to 800 m3/hr.Acetylene gas plant from 25 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr.Nitrous Oxide plant from 8 m3/hr to 24 m3/hr.Our Acetylene plant and PSA plants are fully automation system. Major Quantity of oxygen/Nitrogen gases are used in steel plants,rolling mills,Hospitals and fabrication units. Dalal Mckenna Pvt.Ltd supplied 300 m3 to 600 m3 oxygen/Nitrogen gas plant to so many steel plants. Dalal Mckenna Pvt.Ltd made Liquid plant,which can produce Liquid oxygen/Nitrogen.With full capacity at 100 Kg/cm2. The Plant can also produce gaseous oxygen/Nitrogen at 35 Kg/cm2Separate pump provided for the oxygen/Nitrogen production.Control Valves provided after the pump for the liquid gas production seperately from both the pump.Liquid oxygen/nitrogen can be filled directly to storage tank. The Dalal Mckenna Pvt.Ltd Oxygen/Nitrogen gas plants and Acetylene gas plants are sold various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South America, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, Mauritania, Ivoire, Cameroon, Morocco, Ghana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Syria.

Taking into consideration the requirement of our international clients and their provision, Dalal Mckenna Pvt.Ltd Company has started developed and exporting oxygen gas plants equipped with the state of the art description. The plants are engaged with the latest European technology helping us not only produce economical plants, but also the machines that involve low upkeep, maintenance cost and high presentation. To generate oxygen and nitrogen gases, our plants take the air from an air compressor and break up the oxygen and nitrogen from other gases. Come up with different capacity ranging from 20 m3/hr to 5000 m3/hr, the oxygen gas produce plant produce 99.7% pure oxygen and nitrogen as a second product with purity up to 99.99%.

Our company uses a expertise that is highly consistent with proven performance for a number of years. With the international approach and practised workforce, our organization has become a valued company for brilliant designing features and efficient process cycle. With the state of the art and well able to manufacturing units, we work with an aspire to manufacture the same superiority of plants designed and developed in Europe with a much cheaper labour cost and resources.

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